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honoring friendship and community collaboration with L. Tarin Chaplin (1941-2009)

Janice Walrafen.jpg


A community artist, teacher, and cultural creative, collaborating in creating a world of respect, joy and beauty.
Photo of Janice Walrafen, All Species Day, May 7, 2018
Photographer: Kristopher Johnson

Janice writes: 

tarin and I collaborated for many years in the Montpelier's Seasonal Celebrations that I have been organizing for nearly three decades. She often performed for All Species Day, Enchanted Forest and FirstNight Montpelier. She envisioned and organized Ice on Fire and Celebrate the Winooski which I have been a creative partner in. She also envisioned Community Wilderness Quests, in which I have been co-guiding with for over 10 years.


Community organizer and artist

Anne collaborated with tarin through Friends of the Winooski, including the creation of a live river performance on the Winooski. Anne shared a memory that is vivid of tarin dancing in a canoe in full costume dress. The canoe had to be pulled because the water was so low.
Photo of Anne and Alana, June 2019

tarin chaplin and Janet MacLeod - Qi Gon


Artist and collaborator in the community of Adamant, Vermont

Janet worked with tarin at the Adamant Co-op. She admired her talent and artistry.
Photograph: tarin chaplin, in orange pants, teaching Qi-gong, with Janet MacLeod facing an old pine tree with arms out-stretched, June 2006.

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