Dance and song have always been my operating procedures. As a child of divorced parents, my life contained an underscore of jazz and classical music on weekdays, and Fleetwood Mac, Queen and Linda Ronstadt on weekends. I won dance contests at the annual company picnics and was captain of the dance team in high school. In my 20's, I fronted bands in NYC and performed at venues for the ingénue modern dancer, like Judson Church, The Joyce Soho, and Wave Hill. 

In graduate school for dance, I discovered the form of and work in improvisation, or "composing in the moment." This form has always felt like preparing for life. It has become my practice - integrating those (childish) ways, returning to my operating procedures, my humanity, being body-full and making myself true. 

In my mid-career as a dance artist, I facilitate classes and workshops focused on improvisation with the intention to build trust and community for all ages and abilities with a special focus on older adults, and to devise ways to navigate, shift, and improvise through ever-changing times, over uneven landscapes.

To hear reflections of my Brooklyn years (16 years! How did so much time pass?), visit my BANDCAMP page.

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