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This project is based on the importance of ACCESSIBILITY TO relevant materials on the art form of DANCE. The mission is to make available a new collection of books to anyone who wonders about dance, what origins existed in the field of dance, how forms persisted and were resisted, and how it is JUST AS important as concerning ourselves with visual art, sculpture, music, and other forms of art.

Many of the books have been graciously donated by dance colleagues, artists, and scholars in the field. The collection is in remembrance of L. Tarin Chaplin (1941-2009), dancer, choreographer, dance educator, and writer. The books are each marked in time with original art in a framed bookplate by three local artists,

  • Janet MacLeod of Adamant, 

  • Anne Russell Sarcka of Montpelier, and 

  • Janice Walrafen of East Montpelier. 

Each of these artists had collaborated in some form with tarin chaplin (as she styled her name) to bring art to community here in the greater Montpelier area. We hope to gather at the launch of the NEW COLLECTION OF BOOKS ON DANCE and share memories of tarin, the great performances and public art she gave to this community, and to inspire the creation of NEW DANCE WORKS for our community. 

This project was on hold due to COVID-19. The books are NOW AVAILABLE through Kellogg-Hubbard Library, and through the Inter-Library Loan System connecting to libraries all over Vermont and beyond.

Many thanks to the staff at Kellogg-Hubbard Library for their enthusiasm about this project, specifically to Rachel Senechal (recently retired) and Carolyn Brennan, current Co-Director, and also to Tom McKone, previous Executive Director, who gave the initial green light for the addition of the books on dance at the library.